Digi-Optic Instruments Creator, Nexware
고객만족을 최우선으로 섬기는 넥스웨어의 미래 목표이자 비젼입니다. 저희는 새로운 인재와 기술을 바탕으로 세계 최고의 Digital Optic Instrument 시스템 업체가 되어 끊임없이 혁신적인 기술과 제품을 창조해 나갈 것 입니다.

Instructor Operation Station
IOS Introduction
Instructors spend many hours in simulators teaching pilots the proper procedure for every imaginable flight scenario of various ranges, such as engine fires, severe storms, windshear, icing, oncoming traffic and countless other emergency situations. The instructor controls the full range of flight parameters from the comfortable and spacious Instructor Operation Station which provides a clear view to observe and analyze the activities of the flight crew.

Three touchscreens allow the instructor to key in the various flight operations, malfunctions and environmental conditions through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The system also offer the instructor the flexibility to sit up front in the cockpit while easily controlling the various flight conditions from a wireless handheld control unit(HCU).