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고객만족을 최우선으로 섬기는 넥스웨어의 미래 목표이자 비젼입니다. 저희는 새로운 인재와 기술을 바탕으로 세계 최고의 Digital Optic Instrument 시스템 업체가 되어 끊임없이 혁신적인 기술과 제품을 창조해 나갈 것 입니다.

Electrical Motion Platform
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Nexware has developed a various cost effective electric controlled motion platforms which meet the specific requirements of many types of simulators. Our NWM series of motion products are designed to meet the motion requirements for simulation applications both military and commercial products. Major application area are such as vehicle driving simulators, railway simulators, gunnery simulators, fixed and rotary wing aircraft simulators, and arcade games.

For the various customer requirements, Nexware also offers custom designed motion platform. This motion system will be designed by customer’s specific requirements. All NWM series of products use commercial PC as its control system. This COTS based control system can provide our customers of the most cost effective acquisition and life cycle cost.